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Press release 2016

The Go-Abroad Fair brings together 7,500 visitors and 110 international educational institutions!

On 25 and 26 November, the second Go-Abroad Fair (BuitenlandBeurs) was held at the Jaarbeurs conference venue in Utrecht. In education, internationalisation is a hot topic. It is not only the Dutch government that is encouraging internationalisation, educational institutions are also increasingly making it compulsory for students to spend a semester or do an internship abroad. Over the two days, the fair attracted a total of 7,463 visitors.

Many Dutch students saw the Go-Abroad Fair as a chance to seek out information and inspiration for an international educational adventure. “The Go-Abroad Fair offers plenty of opportunities for that,” says Mieke Zwanenberg, its account manager. “In 2015, around 60 international educational institutions took part. This year, that figure almost doubled to over 110.”

An impressive map of the world was on a display, featuring all of the countries represented at the fair. Dutch students are spreading their wings across the entire world. A Bachelor's degree programme in South Africa, an internship in Sydney, a language course in New York or a Master's degree programme in Hong Kong are just a few examples. “At The Go-Abroad Fair, students hungry for knowledge were given a great taste of what is available internationally”.

A programme of lectures was organized in alliance with NWS (Netherlands Worldwide Students) and EP Nuffic (the leading Dutch Institute for internationalisation in education). The lectures were packed with specific information about subjects such as funding and foreign education systems, but also featured students' own experiences. “It's really great seeing how much students enjoy talking about their own international experiences.”

At the opening of the network reception, Freddy Weima (Director, EP-Nuffic) stressed the importance of internationalisation. Exhibitors, embassies and policymakers in the field of internationalisation met at this reception at the end of the first day of the fair.

“It was an extremely successful fair! The number of participants has doubled compared to last year, and the number of visitors has increased from 5,000 to almost 7,500,” says Annemarie Bruinsma, the event's project manager. “We were particularly pleased to see so many smiling faces at the fair. It almost makes you want to book a flight abroad yourself straight away!”

The dates for next year's fair have already been announced by the organisation as Friday 24 and Saturday 25 November 2017. The venue will again be the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. But there is even more news: The Go-Abroad Fair is going abroad. In 2017, there will be two events. The Dutch Go-Abroad Fair, followed by a Belgian version at Flanders Expo Ghent on 26 November 2017.